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Yellow Pathway

For those pupils working on the Yellow Pathway we have a focus on using and developing our Phonics and Reading skills whilst out in the community, allowing our pupils to prepare for life after Riverside.  We focus on functional literacy skills; including meaningful reading sessions, practical writing tasks and developing inter personal skills.  For those pupils, where appropriate, they are being taught Phase 4 and 5 sounds through the Little Wandle scheme in streamed groups (in class or across classes).  We focus on developing a love for reading, whether that is reading for pleasure, sharing a story with a peer or listening to a story at home or at school.  Once a story has been shared we develop comprehension skills through recapping and predicting what may happen next. 

During lessons, a range of text is available to pupils, including articles, stories and poetry. Dictionaries are also readily available to our pupils and they receive regular sessions on how to use a dictionary, allowing further independence to develop in both their reading and their writing. Word mats and topic boards are readily available throughout sessions to not only provide context for our pupils, but to provide our pupils the opportunity to further develop their language and vocabulary.  We link our Community and Careers curriculum with reading scripts and interview prompt cards.  We often use role play within our classrooms to bring stories to life and to foster a love for reading and stories.  We know the power of sharing a story and how this can support over pupils to build social connections with their peers.

When out and about within the community pupils on our Yellow Pathway use the skills they have developed within the Little Wandle sessions to generalise their skills, such as reading menus, looking at road signs and being able to guide their way around an area; all of these skills are invaluable in order to progress in life away from Riverside School, this is key in all that we do at Riverside.