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Year 7 Catch Up Grant

Year 7 Catch Up Grant

Riverside School received £9,091 for Year 7 catch up funding. Our main focus for developing literacy skills has been through Read Write Inc. programme

Read, Write Inc. at Riverside School

At Riverside School reading is taught through the Read, Write, Inc. programme (RWI). The scheme, however, is adapted to suit the needs of each of the pupils. This means that some pupils are taught in whole class session and others are taught in smaller or one to one groups. Pupils may also be placed on the scheme with a different focus, for example learning the sounds or working through the reading books.

Pupils are assessed on a termly basis using the RWI assessment grids, this ensures that all pupils are in the correct groups and allows the Reading Leaders and Wider Leadership team to monitor pupil progress.

Staff who use RWI in their classroom have all completed training. A Lead Teacher supports the development of the scheme across both sites by observing sessions, offering guidance and creating clear next steps for the scheme at Riverside. In addition, the Phase Leader offers weekly drop in sessions to support pupils and teachers where needed.


Read, Write, Inc. Scheme

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Item Cost
Training £2,000


Leadership Release £4,091

Case Study One

Pupil  A has been on the RWI phonics programme since she started at Riverside School in September 2014. When joining Riverside, she was familiar with the Set 1 Sounds but could not yet use these effectively to read words. She was provided with support in learning how to use her knowledge of sounds to read CVC words during her time in the Primary Phase.
This pupil moved to Key Stage 3 and into a class where both her teacher and two of the TAs had accessed RWI training from Ruth Miskin which was funded by the Year 7 Catch up Grant. This meant that she received high quality phonics input throughout the year. The class were also provided with new resources such as a set of reading books and new laminated Green/Red words also funded by the grant.
Pupil A had one to one reading sessions which focused on learning the final Set 1 Sounds and using these to read words and short passages. By the end of the year she knew 30/31 of these at speed and was independently using her knowledge of sounds to read words within the Red Books. Child A had a good understanding of the stories that she was reading and could answer questions about them.  Child A has continued to access RWI phonics and reading within her class to build on her achievements and progress, even taking letter based tasks home to complete with her family.

Case Study Two

Child B is a Year 8 pupil who benefited from the Year 7 Catch up Grant. She has been on the RWI phonics program since Year 6.
When first arriving at Riverside, Child B was using sign and key words to communicate. During Child B's primary years, support was provided through the program 'See and Learn' to help with her sounds. She embarked on the RWI program where, initially, she worked in small groups using a sound bag and sound boxes which were filled with motivating objects relating to each of the sounds. 
Child B continues to access RWI phonics and reading within her class. She is making steady progress by using lots of motivating objects and also repetition.