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Safeguarding at Riverside

Riverside School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the physical, mental and emotional welfare of every pupil, both inside and outside the school premises. We implement a whole-school preventative approach to managing safeguarding concerns in a timely fashion, ensuring that the wellbeing of pupils is at the forefront of all action taken.

Who are the Safeguarding Leads?

At all sites:
Helen Bushell Movahedi
- Designated Safeguarding Lead and Assistant Headteacher 
Charlotte Downs - Safeguarding Lead and Deputy Headteacher 

At St. Paul's Cray:
Amy Price - Safeguarding Lead and Deputy Headteacher (all sites)
Clare Collett - Safeguarding Lead and Assistant Headteacher (SPC)
Daniella Costanza - Safeguarding Lead and Assistant Headteacher (SPC)
Lucy Godley - Safeguarding Lead and Phase Leader (SPC)

At Beckenham:
Katie Collett-Strutt - Safeguarding Lead and Assistant Headteacher (Beckenham)
Clare Marseglia - Safeguarding Lead and Phase Leader (Beckenham)

At West Wickham:
Lauren Mullan - Safeguarding Lead and Phase Leader (WW)

At Phoenix:
Laura Stevens - Safeguarding Lead and Phase Leader (Phoenix)

Please click here for further Safeguarding advice, contacts and links