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Riverside St Paul's Cray Primary

Welcome to our Primary Phase at Riverside St Paul’s Cray.

We offer a Nursery provision through to Key Stage 2, supporting and meeting the needs of a diverse cohort of children. The classes you will find here include: Rabbits, Squirrels, Hedgehogs, Foxes, Elephants, Zebras, Giraffes, Tigers, Lions and Koalas.

Our classroom environments provide a safe, stimulating and nurturing space for your child to flourish in their own individual way, through a meaningful and personalised curriculum. Within these classrooms you will find each classroom looks and feels different. We believe, just like your child is unique, our classrooms are all too. In some you might see sensory walls, writing stations, play areas, calm corners, bubble tubes and other stimulating responsive environments.

Each half-term there is a new motivating topic which helps to frame your child’s personalised curriculum as well as creating opportunities for primary whole school events, WOW days, assemblies and more.

Teachers use creative and exciting topics alongside our Riverside approaches to plan meaningful cross curricula lessons with your child always being at the centre of everything they do, using their PLPs, Happiness Passports and information from all multi-agency professionals and creating a personalised approach to learning.

This way of planning allows teachers to use the range of facilities on site at St Paul's Cray and provides opportunities for learning to take place in many different environments. These include: hydrotherapy pool, soft-play room, sensory room, sensory garden, nature trial, interactive ELIE room, starlight room, dance studio and trampoline. We also have an abundance of primary playgrounds with sensory equipment for all the children to experience physical movement in a variety of ways including supporting their sensory processing needs.

Enabling your child to experience their wider environment also extends outside of Riverside School. We pride ourselves on community and learning further afield where the focus may be on being an active member of the community, meeting new people, shopping, borrowing a book from the library or learning an important life skill.

We can’t wait to embark on this journey with you and your child through their Primary years. We look forward to sharing, and celebrating all their achievements with you!

Danni Costanza
Primary Phase Leader St Paul’s Cray