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Riverside Phoenix

Welcome to our Riverside Phoenix Early Years Provision – our newest site for some of our youngest pupils in Nursery (aged 3, R-1), Reception and Year 1.

We understand that the Early Years are a fundamental time in every child’s development. Currently, we have two amazing classes, Poppies and Sunflowers, and we are extremely proud of the responsive environments that we have created throughout our school site. Our children feel safe and secure, and are able to build meaningful and trusting relationships with their supporting staff and peers.

Our aim is to make learning irresistible and relevant for every pupil. That’s why every child at Riverside Phoenix receives a truly personalised and engaging curriculum. Teachers work together to create innovative and fun learning experiences using a variety of different teaching techniques. These include Attention Autism, Intensive Interaction, Sensory Stories, Mark-Making, Music, Expressive Arts, and more. All of which help to ensure that children are engaged in their learning at their optimum level.

We value play opportunities and understand that this is an important way for children to learn more about themselves, their peers, and the world around them. Our staff have training in various different play theories and use this knowledge to support children in their next steps. We support every pupil to be the leader of their own play and choose their own play opportunities, combined with Sensory Play, Role Play, Identiplay, and Schema-Play. Our incredible facilities allow children to develop their play skills in a variety of different contexts, including our soft play area, sensory room and large outside playground spaces.

We know that starting school can be a scary time for both children and families, and for some families of children with complex needs, this can feel very isolating. Our aim is to build trusting and meaningful relationships with every family, so that we can truly get to know their child and what makes them happy. We understand that children’s families are their first educators and by working together, we believe we can better support each child in their progress and their personal pursuit of happiness.

We are very excited to welcome you to Riverside Phoenix, a place where every child is supported to be all that they can be.

Laura Stevens
Lead Teacher, Riverside Phoenix