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Riverside Beckenham

Welcome to Riverside Beckenham.

The school year is off to such an exciting start and we begin 2020 anticipating all of the exciting adventures and learning opportunities to come.

Our seven classes – Caterpillars, Millipedes, Crickets, Ladybirds, Fireflies Bumblebees, and Butterflies - are constantly exploring irresistible learning opportunities, not only in their classrooms, but around the school grounds and in the local community. Our aim is to make learning opportunities for each pupil as meaningful and personalised as possible and to deliver them in a way that is not only playful and motivating, but stretches and challenges them to ‘Be All That They Can Be’.

We believe that by providing pupils with a functional and social method of communication, meeting their sensory needs and supporting them to develop effective strategies to regulate their emotions, we can allow all of our pupils to truly engage in their learning.  We do this through, not only class based activities, but also through Expressive Arts (at both Beckenham and in the Performing Arts Hall at St Paul’s Cray), swimming, sports, technology, therapy animals, and skills for life (such as cooking, accessing the wider community safely and appropriately)

From the moment they arrive in school to the moment they go home, our pupils are communicating with us and it is our responsibility to truly listen and respond in a way each pupil can understand. With this in mind, all of our Beckenham pupils will have a highly personalised communication book or device and we work closely with our Speech and Language Therapy colleagues to ensure that communication is central to everything that we do.

Our pupils’ sensory needs are met in a variety of ways that are highly personalised and implemented with support from Occupational Therapists. Children may take part in sensory circuits, have a sensory diet or use adapted equipment that supports them to emotionally regulate, fulfil their sensory needs and be ready for learning.

We feel so privileged to work with our children and their families and we hugely value the opportunity to work together in partnership to ensure the best possible outcomes. Throughout the year we run a whole range of events both at Beckenham (including our Happy Café, which is our community café ran by our pupils’ for our families and wider community) and jointly across our site at St Paul’s Cray to welcome families and join with them in making lasting, joyful memories.

Charlotte Downs
Assistant Headteacher