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At Riverside School we are committed to research-based and innovative practice.

Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (C.L.D.D.)
We were heavily involved in the Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (C.L.D.D.) Research Project, led by Dr Barry Carpenter and, as one of the initial 15 Trial Schools selected nationally, we were involved in researching:

  • How a new definition of C.L.D.D. was relevant for a new generation of increasingly complex learners who are presenting in schools.
  • How new styles of pedagogy are needed for these learners, with a specific focus on individualised engagement.

This sparked off a project to create online resources to support and train teachers and teaching assistants working with children with a range of disabilities. Riverside hosted a Filming day to provide materials for these resources as well as providing written case studies, information and consultation during development. These Training and Development Agency (TDA) approved resources are available online and can be found at: