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Primary Phase

Welcome to our Primary Phase at St Paul’s Cray. Amy Skelton is Assistant Headteacher, overseeing the Primary Phase with the support of two Phase leaders: Danni Webb and Katie Strutt.

Our Phase is made up of Explorers and Adventurers. Explorers are our youngest pupils and we now have Nursery age pupils joining our Early Years classes. In Explorers we have Rabbits, Squirrels, Hedgehogs, Koalas and Penguins. We believe the Early Years are such an important and informative time and we place a real focus on learning through play and learning outside the classroom. We ensure that our pupils are given opportunities to play both inside and outside the classroom as it through these personalised and engaging play base activities that they are motivated to communicate and learn about the world around them.

Enabling our pupils to experience their wider environment is something that we really value within the Primary Phase, particularly within Adventurers which is made up of Tigers, Lions, Giraffes, Elephants and Zebras. We ensure that experiences are personalised and match the needs of your individual children. Within our school grounds and facilities, we provide opportunities for learning to take place in many different environments including the sensory garden, poly tunnel, Riverside Café, musical trail and various sensory rooms. Learning outside the classroom also occurs further afield where the focus may be on being an active member of the wider community, meeting new people, going bowling, going shopping, ordering food in a café, borrowing a book from the library, playing alongside peers in the park or learning important skills for life.

From your child’s first days with us, until they leave the Primary Phase, we would love you to be involved in their learning journey. We are firmly committed to working in partnership with you, to learn from one another and to ensure your child can Be All That They Can Be.  We will always work on the things that really matter to you and your child, the things that will truly make a difference to your lives. There will be specific times of the year when we discuss your hopes and aspirations for your child and these will shape the writing of your child’s Personalised Learning Plan (PLP). Outside of these times, please keep sharing your successes and let us know about the things that really matter to you and your child, so that we can work together at all times.

Each half term we will be working on a motivating topic. We will use the topic as a starting point and create lots of Primary whole school events, WOW Days and assemblies. 

Thank you for entrusting us with your children, we might just have the best jobs in the world!

Amy Skelton
Assistant Headteacher