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Primary Phase

Welcome to Our Three Primary Phases based across Riverside St Paul’s Cray, Riverside Beckenham and Riverside West Wickham. The Primary Phases (including our Nursery provision based at our St Paul's Cray site) are led by our two Assistant Headteachers and Heads of Primary Provisions; Charlotte Downs and Amy Price, with the support of three Primary Phase Leaders Danni Costanza, Katie Strutt and Lauren Mullan.

We are so excited about the year ahead and are looking forward to all of the adventures and learning opportunities to come. We acknowledge that the last academic year looked very different and we are delighted that we are able to return to all of the things we love.

We feel so privileged to work with our incredible children and you, their families, and we hugely value the opportunity to work together, in partnership, to ensure the best possible outcomes.

From the moment they arrive in school, to the moment they go home we are committed to actively listening and responding to our pupil’s unique forms of communication. All of our pupils are provided with a profoundly personalised curriculum which places them and their families at the centre. Our pupil’s holistic curriculum and their wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we do, as such, we provide each pupil with a Happiness Passport personalised to their communication needs, sensory and physical needs and emotional wellbeing. We ensure these documents are fully aligned with their Education, Health and Care Plan.

We greatly value multi agency working and work closely with our Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physio Therapists and Medical Professionals. We believe that therapy should form part of our pupils' daily curriculum and be delivered in a space that is familiar to them and with supporting adults whom they are most comfortable with. For example, you may see a speech and language therapist in a motivating space such as the trampoline room, working with the class team on how to support spontaneous communication during this fun time.

From your child’s first days with us, until they leave the primary phase, we would love you to be involved in their learning journey. We are fully committed to working in partnership with you, to learn from one another and to ensure your child can be all that they can be. We are committed to working on the things that truly matter to you and your family, the things that will truly make a difference to your lives. There will be specific times of the year when we discuss your hopes and aspirations and these will shape the writing of your child’s Personalised Learning Plan (PLP). Outside of these times, please keep sharing your successes and let us know about the things that really matter to you and your child so that we can work together at all times. We know that you are the experts when it comes to your child and we want to hear from you!

Starting school is a huge step for every family and we know that for some families, having a child with complex needs can feel very isolating at times. We promise that from the moment your precious child steps foot through our doors, they (and you) become part of our Riverside family and we are fully committed to ensuring that all of their wonderfully unique needs are celebrated and supported.

Welcome to Riverside school, where we ensure everyone feels like they truly belong. Thank you for entrusting us with your precious childre. Ee might just have the best job in the world!

Charlotte Downs & Amy Price
Assistant Headteachers and Heads of Primary Provisions