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Our Classes

We are based on two purpose-built sites, in St. Paul’s Cray and Beckenham and have a wonderfully diverse pupil population. At Riverside St. Paul’s Cray, our pupils are aged 3-19 and have a range of complex needs, including Autism. At Riverside Beckenham, our pupils are aged 4-11 and all have a diagnosis of Autism.

Leadership Team

Headteacher Steve Solomons
School Business Manager Naomi Walters
Assistant Headteachers Clare Collett
  Charlotte Downs
  Kerry Reed
  Amy Skelton
Phase Leaders

Daniella Webb


Katie Strutt

  Lucy Godley

Teaching Staff

Primary St Paul's Cray: Rabbits - Kirsty Palmer
  Squirrels - Sophie Merrill

Hedgehogs - Charlie McLean

  Foxes - Laura Stevens
  Koalas - Charley Court
  Elephants - Michelle Jeeves
  Giraffes - Emily Morris
  Tigers - Eleanor Bowling
  Zebras - Daniella Costanza/Natasha Capoccia
  Lions - Colette Graham
Primary Beckenham: Caterpillars - Lauren Mullan
  Millipedes - Kirsty Curry
  Crickets - Claudia Crack
  Fireflies - Jessica Twyman
  Ladybirds - Jonathan Hart
  Bumblebees - Tayo Otieno
  Butterflies - Michael Tarrant
Primary West Wickham:

Turtles - Clare Marseglia/Charlotte Johnson

  Otters - Kyle Blockstrom
  Seals - Stella Lilikaki
  Dolphins - Jos Harvey
Key Stage 3:

Fiesta - Claire Thompson

  Carnival - Deborah Howell
  Jamboree - Kayleigh Gallagher
  Carousel - Maddi Butt
  Spectacular - Leigh Bailey
  Parade - Lucy Godley/Jude Kelly
Key Stages 4/5 Discovery - Natasha Richards
  Challenger - Lotte Simpson
  Endeavour - Peter Collett
  Apollo - Magda Galazka
  Enterprise - Alicia Dixon-Jones
  Atlantis - Melanie Conlon
  Pioneer - Joanne Graham