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Orange Pathway

Pupils working on the Orange Pathway will be following a Systematic Synthetic Phonics approach through the Little Wandle scheme, learning grapheme phoneme correspondence (GPCs) (letters corresponding to the sounds they make) in a systematic way. Pupils will be learning how to decode sounds and will apply this knowledge when reading a range of texts. At the same time, pupils will frequently take part in guided reading sessions, developing their decoding, prosody and comprehension skills. As with everything that we do at Riverside, our specialist staff will ensure pupils have personalised supports to enable them to access learning, such as using an AAC device, specialist seating and visual supports.

All pupils have the option to take a book home, share a story or have access to a range of our online videos to create a love of sharing rhymes or stories in their home context.

In order to ensure that we are providing a truly personalised curriculum and approach, we group pupils in a range of ways. This maybe as a whole class (in their own class or across several classes); smaller groups or on a one to one basis.

Reading Leads support teachers to access and support the development of reading across all four of our sites by observing sessions, offering training and guidance and creating clear next steps for each pupil. In addition, Reading Leads offer support sessions to staff to ensure our pupils are making progress with their reading.

Reading leads support teachers with assessment, by assessing where each pupil is within the scheme. We assess our pupils termly, using the relevant assessment grids. We ensure that our assessment is inclusive and personalised and therefore adapt as needed to ensure our diverse pupils can access this important part of their reading journey. This may be done by using AACs or through other creative ways to check and reinforce understanding. This assessment allows us to ensure that pupils are placed in the correct groups and reading books are at the correct level for their phonetical learning.  We have a variety of genres of reading material available, including a rich range of diversity, ensuring all pupils and families are reflected and represented. This enables pupils to further develop their vocabulary as well as their love for reading.  All of our reading materials are banded to ensure clear progression throughout our pupils' reading journey at Riverside and beyond.