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Home-School Contact 

Providing you with regular updates on your child's progress helps you to be as involved as possible in all aspects of your child's school life.

Class teams will keep you informed via a home-school contact book regularly and a Key Support Worker will keep in touch each week. We aim to provide you with photographs to give you a snapshot of your child's learning on a regular basis and also provide you with updates on progress and ideas to try at home.

Your child will have Personal Learning Plan. These are written and reviewed every term following a structured conversation with you to talk about your priorities and aspirations for your child, which then enable us to write highly personalised and meaningful outcomes that will really make a difference to their and your lives . These targets are very personal to each pupil and we really value your input into these plans. The outcomes are aimed to make a difference to your child and your family. They might focus on brushing teeth, toileting, vocalising, eating, dressing, turn taking, swimming, weight bearing or learning to recognise their name for example. The class team will invite you in to discuss your child’s PLP and what’s important to you and your family. The PLP outcomes should also be informed by your child’s EHC Plan. This ensures that everyone is working together to create a very personalised approach to learning. 

Your child will also have a Happiness Passport. Their Happiness Passport covers a range of areas most important to ensuring each pupils team has up-to-date and key information on what makes your child who they are. This includes your families’ cultural celebrations and dates of importance, Sensory Needs and Medical Needs, amongst others. We write these documents with our Speech & Language Teams, Occupational Therapists, and most importantly – you. 

The most important thing to us is that all pupils enjoy every moment they are at Riverside School and we support them to “Be All That They Can Be”.