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Engagement at Riverside

Engagement is the single best predictor of successful learning for children with learning disabilities (Iovannone et al., 2003). Without engagement, there is no deep learning (Hargreaves, 2006), effective teaching, meaningful outcome, real attainment or quality progress (Carpenter, 2010).

At Riverside, we already have engagement at the forefront of our minds.

It is statutory for schools to report which Primary aged pupils are being assessed using the Engagement Model. This is the case for all KS1 & 2 pupils working at R4 and below (those working at an Early Cognitive Level).

The new Engagement Model areas are: Anticipation, Exploration, Initiation, Persistence and Realisation.

We have decided to ensure that we are thinking about and referring to the five areas of Engagement for all pupils, irrelevant of their age, who are working at an Early Cognitive Level (R4 and below, including those within the Early Years).

The 5 areas will help us to highlight and articulate the different skills involved. Rather than making one comment on increased engagement, we will be reminded to talk about increased anticipation, or showing an ability to further explore or initiating more spontaneously.

It will give us more scope when setting focusses and improve the way we refer to, recognise and celebrate small steps of progress; UPs.

It will support us when talking to other professionals and families; increasing our vocabulary, shared understanding, and ensure we are using consistent language throughout the school and externally, and help us to evaluate the effectiveness of our sessions, our teaching and plan next steps.

Although no set Engagement Area PLP focuses are needed, we will be using Engagement Language within our PLP focuses for pupils working at these levels. For example, "I will remain focused and watch the items being removed from the surprise box. I will show anticipation when the Surprise box is brought into the circle. I will do this by reaching towards the items".

We have decided to use our UPs 5 Retrospective Achievement boxes to make a reflection for each Engagement area. Please see the earlier UP section for an example.

Engagement Area language will also be included within pupils Happiness Passports as appropriate and, as needed, Teachers will use the Engagement Areas to reflect and inform their future planning.