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Early Years Foundation Stage

Welcome to our Early Years Provision.

The Early Years Foundation Stage is a fundamental part of every child’s learning journey. At Riverside school we provide a safe, positive and enabling environment where children are guided and supported by adults that they trust, allowing them to feel confident to explore the world around them, extend their interests and discover their passions through irresistible learning opportunities.

We are extremely proud of our exciting, engaging and creative curriculum. Our aim is to ensure that each of our children are highly engaged and at their optimum state for learning. We strive to provide outstanding teaching and learning opportunities and ensure that every child can access a variety of meaningful and motivating activities throughout their school day which promote confidence, independence and communication.

Ongoing observations are made with every staff member fully understanding what each child in their class is working towards. This ensures that there are no missed opportunities throughout their day and that their next learning steps are always being supported. Children learn in a variety of ways including structured free flow sessions, adult led group sessions and 1:1 sessions.

We understand and value the importance of play opportunities and this is evident through our creative planning and use of all the inside and outside learning environments such as our multi-sensory rooms, multiple playground spaces, hydrotherapy pool, soft play, trampoline room etc. At Riverside school, we have developed our own way of providing our children with free flow play opportunities using a combination of structure, routine, choice making and strategies such as TEACCH, Identi-Play, Sensory Play, Role Play, Picture Exchange Communication (PECS), Objects of Reference and Eye Gaze to develop their own play skills in a secure, responsive and enabling environment.

Our profoundly personalised curriculum is designed to ensure that our children have every chance to succeed and be all that they can be. At Riverside school we understand that all behaviour is a form of communication and we use a SCERTS (Social Communication Emotional Regulation Transactional Support) approach to support our pupils' wellbeing.

We invite all our families to join us as we embark on your child’s learning journey together, making memories and building special relationships and we plan for and provide an enriching and engaging curriculum for every child.

Starting school is a huge step for every family and we know that for some families, having a child with complex needs can feel very isolating at times. We promise that from the moment your precious child steps foot through our doors, they (and you) become part of our Riverside family and we are fully committed to ensuring that all of their wonderfully unique needs are celebrated and supported. Welcome to Riverside school, where we ensure everyone feels like they truly belong.

Thank you for entrusting us with your precious children, we might just have the best job in the world! 

Charlotte Downs & Amy Price
Assistant Headteachers and Heads of Primary Provisions