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Community Experience Week - we need your help!

Are able to support us by inviting pupils into your organisation or by coming to visit us?

At Riverside School we are extremely passionate about building links within our local community and beyond. Community inclusion and participation enables our pupils to learn more about the world around them and helps to raise awareness of what our young people can teach others. Together, we would like to build a better future.

Our Community Experience Week will be during the week commencing Monday 6th May 2019 and all pupils within Key Stage 4 and 5 will take part.  

Community Experience for each pupil will be completely personalised to their individual needs and interests, and timings will reflect this. A member of Riverside staff will be accompanying and staying with our pupils on every placement.  We would also like to invite members of the community into school to share their work with our pupils.

If you are able to help by providing an opportunity, please contact Clare Collett, Assistant Headteacher.