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Consent for use of digital images

I agree to consent to images of my child being used on the school’s:

Website, Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter). We may share flyers, prospectus, leaflets and brochures via social media.*
In and around the school building*
If visited by the media for photographs to published in local or national newspapers, in televised news programmes and on social media sites; please note pupils will never be named with their photo without separate consent*
Image to be included in the School’s annual formal class/whole school and individual photographs*
To be filmed during school productions*
By ticking this box I agree to the school using photographs of my child or including them in video material, as described in the document ‘‘E-Safety Use of Recorded Media and Exchange of Data’. I have read and understood this document. I understand that images will only be used to support learning activities or in publicity that reasonably promotes the work of the school, and for no other purpose.*

A copy of the 'E safety use of recorded media and exchange of data' document can be found here: