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Riverside Connect Family Feedback

Thank you to everyone who joined today's Riverside Connect event.

We think the feedback below sums the event up and we hope to see some more families at our next event on 14th November with a focus on Communication.

“Love, LOVE the families at Riverside!  Sometimes we just need to chat!”

“A very emotional morning.  Parents really need these chances to get their feelings out so well done Riverside for organising”

“The meeting was nice; excellent”

“A really good informative session.  Really nice to speak to other parents who are in the same situation and discuss what we go through and how we cope.  I’m looking forward to more Connect sessions.”

“Lovely talk from Mimi - gives me hope!  An emotional morning, but great to have such events as it offers so much support and helpful to hear from others.  Many thanks.”

“Thank you for listening.  We, as a family, have no one to talk to and I’m very grateful to Riverside”

“I really enjoyed this session. The topic really struck a chord with all of the parents there.  It seems that more topics can be explored around the themes that we talked about.  Mimi’s talk was so lovely.  So powerful. You could feel the love!”