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Ofsted Report

In December 2014, Ofsted noted that:

"Staff know the pupils very well and are skilled in meeting their communication and medical needs. They work very effectively as a team in lessons to provide constant care and support"

"Teachers work very well with external agencies, including therapists, to support programmes in school"

"The progress pupils make in communication skills is outstanding. From an early age, pupils learn to sign and adults take every opportunity to encourage pupils to use signs, symbols or their voice to join in"

"Pupils’ behaviour is outstanding. Pupils are friendly, show respect to others and try hard in lessons. Their very positive attitudes in lessons have a big impact on how well they are doing. They arrive in the morning with smiles on their faces and ready to get on"

"The school’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding"

"The school council, known as ‘pupil voice’, takes its responsibilities seriously and helps to make decisions about the school. This, together with a strong culture of respect and tolerance for others, means that pupils are very well prepared for life in modern Britain"

"Staff maintain a positive atmosphere at all times. They are extremely enthusiastic about their work. This enthusiasm rubs off on the pupils. There is lots of laughter and fun in lessons and around the school"

"Learning is planned well and based on detailed knowledge about the pupils. Pupils enjoy achieving and want to do well"

"Staff make very detailed assessments of what pupils can do and use a range of activities to make learning fun"

A copy of our latest Ofsted Inspection report can be viewed via the link below.